A Few Words
about Royal Trading Company

About Us

In 2015, Mr Deepraj Mishra laid the Foundation of our Company, and our Company was Like a small plant, Which is now multiplying. Our Company products are pure and Reliable. My thoughts are that this Company should become a trustworthy company of people and is famous in the future at home, Country and Abroad. Our Company is a Manufactures and Repacker company, Our Company's dealership is in Mumbai, Maharastra, Gujrat, Rajasthan And South India.

  • High Quality Raw Material
  • Fully Automatic Processing Work
  • Fresh and Healthy Product

We deliver pure and reliable products

We are 100% sure for quality and taste.

What is our Target...

Our Vision

RTC India planning to launch Biscuits, Snacks, Spices and vegetable oil in market in addition of Flour, Maida and Semolina and we are committed to creating a stronger and healthier County.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve high quality products at affordable cost in every part of country without earning a large amount of profit.


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